Message from Managing Director

Nepal Lab House
Message from Managing Director
Dr. Bidur Osti
Managing Director

Nepal Lab house Pvt. Ltd. is established with a vision to provide quality and affordable health services to all levels of community.

Our motto is “service at a single click” enables our service seekers to avail complete records of their investigations, medication, follow up and medical advices with a single click to the link provided to each service seeker.

Our community health care package are:

  • Services at home by trained health care providers, attendants and pharmacist
  • Collection of samples at home
  • Delivery of reports and supply of prescribed and over the counter pharmaceuticals (Medicines) , neutraciticals and cosmecuticals

NLH is well equipped latest laboratory equipment and other diagnostic facilities as X-Ray, Mammography, ECG, USG and ECHO with molecular lab for Covid-19 at the moment and we aim at extending to PCR test for emerging and re-emerging diseases in future.

We also provide health care packages:

  • Whole body check up
  • Executive health checkup
  • General Health Checkup
  • Endocrine (Sugar, Thyroid and Hormone) Health checkup package
  • Gynecology & comprehensive abortion Care
  • Cardiac Care Package
  • Package for candidate seeking foreign employment.
  • Special Health Checkup package for students seeking study in abroad
  • Special health check package for companies and corporate houses (Banks, Insurance Companies, Hydro Power companies and etc.)

NLH is located at Pingalasthan, which is accessible for service seekers, staff and consultants. We are proud ourselves on our excellent and clean environment. As a head of the organization, I can assure everyone that our reputation always remains remarkable and provide excellence in lab/clinics and community services. On the behalf of the team, I welcome you at NLH.

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